Speaking and Panel Appearances

Matthew is available to speak at your event and engage members of your organization on topics including:

  • Training and skill development
  • Technology and culture
  • Pop culture and media
    • Special focus on:
      • Japanese anime and manga
      • Mysteries
      • Genre crossing and mashups
  • Paranormal reports and strange events
    • A unique point of view based on open-minded skepticism and legal training

Please contact Matthew to inquire about arranging a talk at your event.




New Talks

Tripod Training for skill development

Any plan to develop a new skill requires three legs to stand: Knowledge, Effort, and Practice. This talk will teach and inspire you to make the best use of these to achieve your goals and develop any skill.

An excellent topic for teachers, trainers, students, and anyone who wants to learn to accomplish more in life.

Please contact Matthew for information about scheduling this talk for your group.

Popular Appearances


Nan Desu Kan, September 2022, Denver Colorado

For Episode 100 of the Inter-Millennium Media Project podcast, Matthew and Ian Porter presented a live appreciation of GIGANTOR, the show that made Matthew an anime fan.

Madoka Magica and The Evangelion Of…

Nan Desu Kan, September 2014, Denver Colorado

asuka scaryKyubey 1

In 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion revolutionized giant robot anime.

In 2011, Puella Magi Madoka Magica did the same for magicial girl anime. It has been called “the Evangelion” of that genre.

Has any other genre had an “Evangelion?” Does any other genre need one?

Join Mathew Porter as he explores the ways in which groundbreaking anime start by grappling with long-established tropes.

Law & Order: Anime Unit

Nan Desu Kan, September 2014, Denver Colorado


Join Colorado attorney and lifelong anime fan Matthew Porter to explore the police and legal institutions of Japan, in reality and as presented in anime.